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Support you deserve

leaders supporting leaders through expert facilitation

Under-supported and lonely leaders burnout, live outside of their values, and sacrifice their people culture and organization's results--Through active participation in a Peer Group, you'll move from lonely to supported and connected.

Through active participation

peer group:

A small, hand-picked group of leaders running similar organizations with an expert facilitator, who make a dedicated commitment to meet regularly, either online or in person, in order to exchange insights, best practices, lessons learned, and seek feedback--to get better.


Our beliefs

+ We believe every leader needs a coach and critical friends--unbiased support from someone outside of their current organization.+ We believe in the power of dialectics--the tension that exists between two ideas leads to the development of new iterations and resolutions.+ We believe transforming organizations takes a balanced approach--connecting the needs of its people with the need for results.

Active Participation

Value Delivered

+ Each member is handpicked; similar orgs, common values
+ 100% Confidentiality
+ Access to expert, curated consultants/partners
+ Private specific PeerGRP community channel
+ 4 hours per month (2 'off-stage', 2 'on-stage')
+ Curated readings & exercises
+ Monthly 1:1 conversations with facilitator/coach

Expand Your Professional Network

Current PeerGrps

+ Executive Directors/C-Suite Women in Educational Leadership
+ K-5 School Principals [Large Urban Schools]
+ Heads of Private Secondary Schools [High Standing]
+ Montessori Directors/Heads of School


What will I get?

+ Networking
Leadership that is not lonely. Belong to an expertly facilitated, valuable network of similar peers and experts while receiving and benefitting from a supportive community that fosters personal and professional growth.
+ Feedback
Feedback that provides valuable insights for improvement, accountability to ensure commitment to goals, and problems of practice protocols that foster collaborative problem-solving.
+ Growth
Facilitated support in setting goals to provide direction and motivation, key performance indicators and metrics to track progress and measure success, and create action plans that drive continuous improvement and informed decision-making.

First Step: Apply

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Best possible outcome:
You move from lonely to connected and supported.
Worst possible outcome:
You choose to stay put and you churnout.

That is awesome

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